Summer Programs

All summer programs run from 9AM-3:30PM unless otherwise indicated. Before and after camp care will be available through our After School Care program. All programs cost $325 unless otherwise indicated. Please register your interest in the form at the bottom of the page.

Payment for Stratford Hall Run Programs are due in full by cheque, on or before April 30th, in order to secure your spot. For Byte Camp, please register with and pay the provider directly. Cheques can be made payable to Stratford Hall.

Stratford Hall Run Programs





Mathletes by Saloni Dholakia

Interested in Sudoku? Love playing Monopoly? Enjoy the logic of a Rubik’s cube? Then this camp is for you! In this one-week program, you will work within a multi-age group to explore and create your own math games, puzzles, and more! We will spend time investigating the math behind our favourite games and even learn some new ones. You might be surprised where you can find math “hiding” in card games, board games, puzzles, and even whole-body games! Want to take your favourite game and redesign it with a twist? We will spend time creating and “upcycling” games to play with other groups. We’re looking forward to seeing all you mathletes this summer!


July 4-7


Cook and Read Around the World

If you like books and food, then we have the camp for you! Cook and Read Around the World is your chance to learn about world culture in the most immersive way - all without leaving the school! Each day, camp members will make a three course meal inspired by a specific country, complete with culturally-appropriate table settings, all while reading excerpts from books set in the country. It’s literary AND savoury.


July 4-7


Choose Your Own Adventure
by Sarah Phillips

Is your tween itching for more independence? Give your budding adolescent experience with independent outings in the city so that they are safely equipped to venture out to Playland, the Aquarium, or a hike.

On Monday, students will generate a list of ideas/criteria for adventures for the rest of the week. They will do the research and planning to create an itinerary that complies with the criteria (and budget) for the rest of the week. On Tuesday – Friday, students will implement their plan, with adults coming along for support, in case of an emergency.


July 10-14



Let Me Drive the Bus! Mo Willems Author Study by Casey Turnpenny

Join us for an in depth author study of popular children's book author Mo Willems. Some of his works include "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", "Knuffle Bunny", and the “Elephant and Piggie” series, among others.

During the 5 day camp, we will read all of Mo's books, and complete art and writing activities that connect to the stories.


July 17-21



MAKE IT by Meg Penafiel, Gillian Louie, Andrea Ryan

Each day you will explore, design and create - from leather working to robotics to sewing and small electronics you will have a blast in the IDEA lab learning new skills, getting inspired by other makers, and designing your own creations!


July 17-21


Ethical Debaters (Philosophy for Kids)
by Ariana Debreuil

Imagine this: A train is coming down a track that has 5 innocent people standing on it. There is a switch that makes the train turn onto the other track that has 1 innocent person standing on it. Do you flip the switch?

In this camp we aim to help children develop their reasoning and argumentative skills with an interactive approach. Students will explore ethics in a thought provoking and exciting manner while trying to understand how our society decides to make rules. Through the exploration of different social issues, students will work towards preparing for a final debate.


July 24-28

Bienvenue à la Francophonie!
by Ciera DeSilva

Learn about the French language and diversity of La Francophonie through the popular art form, la bande dessinée (comic strip). Mornings will focus on developing and practicing language skills, both spoken and written. Afternoons will include creating art pieces inspired by French artists, as well as playing games and enjoying French-language music from around the world.


July 24-28

Empowerment by Amanda Lempriere

A week long camp focused on developing student confidence. During the week students will examine how media can influence our views and ideals. Additionally, students will experience how helping others can be empowering. The camp will consist of learning activities, investigations, art projects and out of school excursions. The week will conclude with a group lunch-in.


July 31-Aug 4

¡Bienvenidos a Latinoamérica!
by Ciera DeSilva

Explore the Spanish language through the fascinating cultures of Mexico, Peru and Argentina! Mornings will focus on developing and practicing language skills, both spoken and written, including learning pop song lyrics and understanding Latin American movie clips! Afternoons will include creating paintings inspired by Mexican artists, as well as playing games and enjoying traditional Latin American music.


July 31-Aug 4

Visual Art Wellness Retreat
by Emma Hawkes

Students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in in the art making process for one whole week! Working both in 2D mixed media and 3D sculpture they will learn and develop new art skills and techniques. They will have the opportunity to challenge their imagination and explore passions and interests to inspire their works. Students will also look at concepts around "acceptance" and "self "during the art making process. They will explore and practice mindful and grounding exercises throughout the retreat to bring awareness to themselves and the world around.

Gp 1: Ages 7-12

Gp 2: Ages 7-12

Aug 7-11

Aug 21-25

MYP Bootcamp by Ana Ver

New to Stratford Hall and the Middle Years Programme? Meet some of your new teachers, practice thinking skills to get you ready for school, learn about our classes (Circus! Spanish! Science!), and start the school year off on the right foot!

New students entering Grades 7-10

Aug 23-25



SabreSports by Kyle Nystad, Brina Derksen-Bergen and Sabres Coaches

Our uber popular Sabres Sports Camps are back! Coordinated by Coach Nystad and Coach Derksen-Bergen, you will sprint, dive, leap, and fly into successful volleyball and ultimate seasons. Keep the week before school starts in September blocked off for sports camp, and keep an eye out for the registration link (Sabres Sports will have separate registration and risk assessment forms).

Students entering Grades 5-12

Aug 28-Sept 1


External Programs





Byte Camp

Build an App

2D Tablet Animation

Into to Coding

2D Video Game Design

3D Animiation






July 4-7

July 17-21

Aug 8-11

Aug 14-18

Aug 28-Sept 1

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