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Every donor, whether your gift is $10 or $10,000, impacts the story of every student at Stratford Hall. On their behalf, we thank you in advance for your generosity, To show our thanks for gifts of more than $500, members of the Donor Circles are publicly acknowledged in both our print and digital media, as well as in the Report to the Community each year

To ensure we understand your wishes to publicly or privately celebrate your gift, please complete and sign the attached donor card indicating your preference.

Visionaries’ Circle $10,000+
Founders’ Circle $5,000 - $9,999
Head’s Circle $2,500 - $4,999
Sabres’ Circle* $1,000 - $2,499
Friends’ Circle $500 - $999
Supporters’ Circle $25 - $499

*Each year, Stratford Hall supporters who give at the Sabers’ Circle level ($1000 and above) are invited to attend our Annual Fund donor recognition evening.

University Entry

Final exams for IB students happen in May of the Grade 12 year and assess the full two years of each course. These exams are then sent from Stratford Hall to DP teachers around the world for assessment, a process that ensures a reliable entrance standard for universities. Final marks are available on July 6th, well after universities want to receive grades for admissions purposes. As a result, post-secondary institutions will admit IB students based on Stratford Hall’s predicted grades – what we expect students will achieve at the end of the Diploma Programme. This presents a significant challenge for students: they need to quickly improve their academic knowledge and AtL skills in order to be ready for mock examinations, held in June of the Grade 11 year and in February of the Grade 12 year.

Predicted grades are first based on the mock exams held in June of the Grade 11 year. Some universities outside Canada, particularly in the United States, require predicted grades at the beginning of Grade 12, so these June exams in Grade 11 are crucial. In Grade 12, predicted grades are reestablished after the February mock exams. Universities in Canada are sent predicted grades at the end of February. Therefore, students must perform as well as they can throughout the entire programme – not only on final exams at the end of Grade 12.

It is equally important to understand that universities reserve the right to refuse admission – even if admission was initially granted – if students do not, on their final exams, maintain their predicted grades.

In May of the Grade 12 year, students receive a final Written Report. This report is based on the mock exams in February, and also includes marks for all internal assessment projects and Approaches to Learning grades. Including provincial exam marks, this report is then translated into percentages for students’ British Columbia Ministry of Education transcripts. Students earn a BC Dogwood Diploma based on this transcript.

To give you a clearer idea of what an IB education means, listed here is chart converting IB scores to BC Ministry of Education scores:

IB Mark

BC Minister of Education %

BC Ministry of Education Letter Grade






















This means that when a student earns a 5 in a course, they are what would classically be called an A student.

University Entrance Requirements
Stratford Hall will provide guidance to students concerning university admissions via Caitlin Shepard, our post-secondary advisor. However, this is primarily the responsibility of our students. When choosing courses, please review different post-secondary institutions’ admissions requirements concerning prerequisite IB courses; universities’ websites typically list information about IB admissions. Please see Ms. Shepard for guidance.

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