On my very first visit to Stratford Hall, I experienced a remarkable verve and an excitement about learning. It is a place where I would have liked to go to school, and where my children, now grown, would have flourished. As both an educator of many decades and a Mom, I am thrilled with discovery every day and proud to be here. It is immediately obvious that the school's principles and philosophy are valued and practiced. Here, students learn how to interact with others. Here, they develop their sense of individuality and how to contribute to the larger community.

Welcome to Stratford Hall - a place that is more than a school. This place has an educational atmosphere where each individual is welcomed, accepted, respected and supported.

Please come to visit and allow me to share with you personally the mission of the school. We commit to you that we educate all students to the highest global standards through the programmes of the International Baccalaureate. Excellence and confidence are developed through our challenging academic curriculum with further emphasis on creativity, action and service. Built on integrity and respect, each student experiences a pluralistic community with supportive, passionate teachers.

Here, students find life-long friends while stretching their minds and discovering their strengths. Please join me!

Dr. Susan R. Groesbeck
Head of School, Interim