Educational Technology

Our vision for the integration of technology for meaningful teaching and learning draws on our roots as an IB school that is embedded in an urban community with a commitment to continuous improvement. As a future-focused school, we use standards which promote 21st century learning skills, vital for success in an ever-changing and evolving technological landscape.

Technology is used to modify and redefine the ways that students and teachers interact and learn. It provides new opportunities that would have otherwise been seen as unattainable without the use of technology. Stratford Hall ensures all teachers acquire the technical and pedagogical skills necessary to integrate technology into a challenging and interdisciplinary curriculum which addresses student needs, developmental levels and learning styles.

We have a growing number of staff at Stratford Hall who are Common Sense Education Certified Educators. As a Common Sense Education Certified school, we are committed to ensuring that digital citizenship is embedded school-wide. Our Digital Citizenship program supports the safe and responsible use of technology so that our students grow to be balanced, globally-minded individuals who are productive and caring adults.