2020 SRC: GRADE 3-5 (June)

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There are 3 ways you can participate in the SRC for the summer of 2019:

#1. "Fully Booked"

What is it?

This year will be the second year we host our "Fully Booked" Event. For this event we invite you to choose (at least) ONE book off of our Summer Reading Club Menu to read over the summer months. When you return to school in the Fall the SH Library will be hosting a lunch hour party to celebrate all of the reading you have done and chat about the book(s) you have read.

Our "Fully Booked" event is a S.R.C. event designed to promote reading for pleasure, student choice and building community.

How does it work?

Every single book on our Book Menu will be hosted by a "surprise" staff member at SH who will have also read that book over the summer. At the party you will meet up with other students who will have read the same book as you as well as the surprise SH staff member who will host your book chat.

FULLY BOOKED MENU (final selection)

How do I sign up?

Please sign up HERE to take part in the "FULLY BOOKED" event.

We definitely encourage you to read more than one on the list, we just need to know which books are the most popular to be able to assign a teacher to each of those books for the "Fully Booked" event.

When does it happen?

The date of the FULLY BOOKED party will be announced in September, 2020.

Art by Gabi P. Walsh

#2. Story / Character Trading Cards

This year we thought it would be fun to make our own story trading cards based on the books we read over the summer.

To make your own card you can use the templates provided below or the ones posted in your Summer Reading TTS Seesaw assignment.

Feel free to create your own version of a trading card too. The example below is only to inspire you to create your own!

Throughout the summer months you can share your trading cards with others on Seesaw.

PRintable story cards

#3 Bingo Cards

We know many of you still love doing the bingo cards...

This year the content of our BINGO cards were completely designed by many of our JS students.

We have 3 NEW cards for you this summer. One for July and August and an extra BONUS card for those readers who want more of a challenge! You can find the bonus card on the printable pages.

When September comes you can show us all of the reading you have done by sharing your Bingo card with us in your TTS Seesaw folder.


Looking for more creative ideas to do this summer? We couldn't fit all of our students' ideas onto the BINGO cards so we've added a list for you to check out!

Wondering what to read?

While public library spaces remain closed until further notice, KIDSBOOKS, a local and independently owned bookstore, is open for online orders & curbside pick up and has created booklist for our SRC readers!


If you have any questions please contact Sra Peñafiel