Stratford Hall has had graduating classes since 2007 and our graduates have gone on to do many exciting things.

We currently have 175 alumni and we love to have updates from them! If you are an alumni and would be willing to give us an update, please email and like our Facebook page. We'd love to hear from you!

At our recent Alumni Reunion, 45 of our alumni stopped by to share stories, reconnect with friends, and chat with staff. We'd love to see you all at next year's Reunion!

Alumni Updates

An update from Brian Wong, 2012
Over the summer I was given the opportunity to travel back to Malaysia and climb to Low's Peak on Mount Kinabalu, which is at an altitude of 4,095m. The climb took a total of 2 days – we stopped at the midpoint in the afternoon of the first day and then continued very early in the morning (2am) the following day when it was pitch black outside in order to reach the summit in time to see the sunrise. The view from the top was absolutely breath-taking and despite the occasional altitude sickness, it was an amazing experience that I would repeat in a heartbeat!  
Now that I'm back in school here at the University of Ottawa, I'm carrying on with my studies in Biomedical Sciences Honours and continuing some of the extra-curricular activities that I picked up last school year – ie. fencing, Quidditch, and Model UN. I started fencing last year as an intramural sport and was invited by the coach (who's ranked 3rd in Canada), to practice with the uOttawa varsity team. After having so much fun with fencing last year, I tried
out for and made the Gee-Gees varsity fencing team this year as an épée fencer and will be representing my university at various competitions out east along with some very experienced fencers. In addition, I am continuing to play Quidditch – a sport I fell in love with not only because of my love of Harry Potter, but also because of the intensity of competition and the sense of community that comes along with the sport. Fun fact: Last year, uOttawa Quidditch placed 2nd in Canadian Cup (which was hosted at Queens University), qualifying us as 1 of only 3 Canadian teams to represent Canada for the 6th International Quidditch Association World Cup (held in Kissimmee, Florida), where we played against many strong teams to place in the top 20 out of 80 teams. This year, we hope to continue with our success at Canadian Cup (to be held in Toronto) to qualify for the 7th World Cup this year in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and improve on last year's standings.
I hope all is well back at Stratford Hall and I can't wait to come back and visit!

An update from Saskia Herrmann, 2011
I currently still live in Maastricht, and study at the University College with Katharina Eisenbach, who is also a Stratford Hall alumni. My focus is on Media and Culture studies. Additionally, I am chief editor of the magazine of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, and I occasionally coach rugby to kids. Maastricht is a densely populated student city, and a great place to be. All the Germans from my Stratford Graduating class have ended up in the Netherlands, and Katharina and I went to visit Leila Atmowihardjo in Amsterdam, where she studies at the University College.Greatings (Groetjes.)

An update from Megan Matsuda, 2011
So life has been really good to me at Ryerson in Toronto. I'm loving second year even more than first year. Currently, I'm still busy with all journalism related things, and also many things outside of class as well. For example, I was on the production team for our 3rd annual TEDxRyersonU event (TED talks), and managed the catering for around 500 people. We stayed up more than 36 hours straight to turn over the Mattamy Athletic Centre (formerly Maple Leaf Gardens) into our event.
 I also became the Food Editor for Ryerson Folio Magazine in September, and have writers that write for me every week.
And, just recently, I found out I got accepted to be an intern for Acquired Taste Magazine, an amazing food magazine here in Toronto. Super excited to be a part of that, and I'm so happy to be chosen out of many talented young journalists. I'll be starting that in January 2013.
 I'm really starting to see Toronto as home now, and will be staying here for the summer. The people here are really great, and I love all my new friends who share similar hobbies and ideas with me.
 So that's mostly it for me! I hope Stratford is doing well, especially the construction of the new building! Can't wait to see it. :)

 PS: If you want to see any work that I've been doing - check out my website at
An update from Alice Seo, 2011
Dear Stratford,
I've been busy preparing for and going to interviews for the Korean med schools. They're finally over, and I promised to let you know the results...I got into the College of Medicine in Yonsei Univsersity! Thank you so much for the support you have given me this summer.

An update from Georgia Snider, 2011 
 I can't believe I'm in second year at UBC already! I guess it's true time flies when you're having a good time. UBC is great (despite the insane amount of campus construction). I'm currently the Director of Formal Recruitment in my sorority that i joined just last year! Also, who would have thought I would join a sorority?? It's been the best decision I have made at university and it has become my little home away from home, just like Stratford was. although it's final season I'm still managing to get all my course work done, papers and all. I have declared my major in psychology and things on campus couldn't be better. 
Hopefully the DP students graduating this year aren't stressing too much. My words of wisdom would be to just breathe. Only a few more months and you'll be off to bigger and greater things. Who knows, maybe you'll join the greek system! University is worth every EE, IA and theory of knowledge paper you write.