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A cornerstone of a good school is a strong athletic program. Interscholastic sports are an integral part of Stratford Hall’s educational program and they support the school’s mission and vision. In addition to improving skill development, the athletic program at Stratford Hall helps students to develop positive attitudes and behaviours that reflect the values of the school and the IB Learner Profile.

Junior School Athletics

The Junior School (Kindergarten–Grade 7 students) is a member of the Independent School Elementary Association (ISEA), and competes against other independent schools in the Metro Vancouver and Vancouver island areas. The ISEA is a great fit for Stratford Hall, as the philosophies reflect best practices and always has what is best for the student athlete in mind. The ISEA has been great as it provides a network of schools that we compete with that all have the same core beliefs. The ISEA hosts all of its major events in some of the top venues. The volleyball and basketball playdays are at the Richmond Olympic Oval, swim meets and track meets are held at UBC, and many schools hosts events out of their schools, which have fantastic gymnasiums and facilities.

Senior School Athletics

The Senior School (Grades 8–12) is a member of two different athletic leagues: the Independent Schools Athletic Association (ISAA), and the Greater Vancouver Independent Schools Athletic Associaiton (GVISAA). The ISAA is composed of independent schools that compete at the A, AA or AAA tier for provincial sports. This means Stratford Hall will be competing against schools with sports teams that regularly qualify for and win provincial championships. GVISAA is made up of independent schools that compete at the single A tier for provincial sports. A single A school has 80 or fewer boys or 80 or fewer girls in grades 11 and 12 combined. GVISAA was founded as an organization to provide small independent schools with the opportunity to participate in sports against schools of a similar size and calibre.

List of Junior School Sport Offerings:

Stratford Hall School offers the following teams:
i) Fall Season:

Gr. 3-7 Cross Country Running
Gr. 5-7 Boys’ Soccer
Gr. 5-7 Girls Volleyball

ii) Winter Season:

Gr. 3-7 Swimming
Gr. 5 - 7 Boys’ Basketball
Gr. 5 - 7 Girls Basketball

iii) Spring Season:

Gr. 4-7 Track & Field
Gr. 6-7 Ultimate


List of Senior School Sport Offerings:

​Stratford Hall School offers the following teams:

i) Fall Season:

  • Gr. 8-12 Cross Country Running: ISAA, GVISAA, Zones, qualifiers, Provincials

  • Gr. 8-9 Boys’ Soccer

  • Gr. 10-12 Boys’ Soccer

  • Gr. 8-12 swimming: ISAA, Zone qualifiers, Provincials

  • Gr. 8 Girls’ Volleyball

  • Gr. 9-10 Girls’ Volleyball

  • Gr. 11-12 Girls’ Volleyball

ii) Winter Season:

  • Gr. 8 Boys’ Basketball

  • Gr. 9-10 Boys’ Basketball

  • Gr. 11-12 Boys’ Basketball

  • Gr. 8 Girls’ Basketball

  • Gr. 9-10 Girls’ Basketball

  • Gr. 11-12 Girls’ Basketball

iii) Spring Season:

  • Gr. 8-12 Badminton

  • Gr. 8-9 Ultimate

  • Gr. 9-10 Ultimate

  • Gr. 11-12 Ultimate