Our School

Learning is about exploring, about discovering new ideas and making connections. It’s about asking questions, applying knowledge to new situations, and growing as learners.

The Junior School at Stratford Hall is a place where students make discoveries. With inquiry at the heart of the IB programme, students’ natural curiosity is nurtured by caring teachers who teach the skills students need to ask good questions, take different perspectives and approach new situations with confidence.
The Junior School at Stratford Hall is a place where we find community, where students are greeted at the front door each morning, where teachers and parents meet around a common goal: supporting our students. We are very intentional about building a culture in which children are safe to explore, whether it be in or outside the classroom. From the first day assembly, when attachment is transferred very intentionally from parent to teacher, we build our culture of community. Stratford Hall provides rich experiences for students that honour the diversity and backgrounds of the families we come from.
These values are reflected in our school buildings which foster an attitude of discovery. Within both the open-area Primary Years Programme building, and our brand new, open-concept Middle Years Programme building, students are inspired to collaborate, connect, and create. 
In the Junior School, the IB PYP (Grades K-5) and MYP (Grades 6 and 7) provide a rigorous and authentic learning experience for students. Our rich academic program is matched with a strong athletic program, an exciting outdoor and experiential education program for Grades 4-7, and a vibrant and unique performing arts program. Spanish is taught from Kindergarten, and French is introduced in Grade 6. Technology is incorporated as an extension of students’ skills, as tools to empower them to access resources and knowledge in a highly engaging way. 
The IB Learner Profile provides a common language to inspire, motivate, and focus both students and teachers. A culture of social responsibility is nurtured through participation in action projects that make a difference, in the classroom, at home, and in the world. Students learn to care for themselves, for each other, and for our communities. Service projects, special events, concerts, student-led conferences, and seminars are just some of the excellent ways students develop social responsibility.
Our teachers stand out, both for their expertise and for their modeling of the IB Learner Profile. They are creative and intelligent, and demonstrate a high standard of professionalism. They help students make connections between the curriculum and the real world through inquiry-based instruction and international-mindedness. They take time to create a healthy and positive rapport with each child and parent because they know that strong teacher-student relationships provide a caring and supportive environment that promotes resilience.
It is my privilege to support and promote the wonderful people that make up this amazing place.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Greta Bartsch
Director of the Junior School