Student Life

Vanilla Cream Café Lunch Service at Stratford Hall

Vanilla Cream Café operates out of a commercial kitchen located in the basement of 3000 Commercial Drive. The kitchen is a permit facility routinely inspected by Vancouver Coastal Health. Vanilla Cream Café has offered lunches to grades 6-12 students since 2006; expanding in September 2013 to provide lunches to include grades K to 5.


Menu Items

Traditional lunch and snack favorites are offered daily, although menus will be adjusted to add seasonally inspired local ingredients.

Typical menu items include pastas, burgers, sandwiches, fried rice, chicken fingers, pizza, salads, cucumber rolls and soup. Our goal is to provide comfort and conveninent on a daily basis. Menu items meet or exceed Ministry Guidelines.


Lunch Ordering is Online

Vanilla Cream Café has contracted with an online service provider for advance menu selection. In order to view a menu and perhaps order, parents will need to register online. Instructions on how and when ordering is "OPEN" are communicated through Stratford Hall's weekly email message.

The online menu will be available mid to late September with lunches beginning the end of September or early October. All students should expect to bring packed lunches at least until September 22nd and perhaps as long as October 1st, 2015. Kindly do not order and remember to pack lunches on OEE days, field trips, or any events specific to your child or grade overlapping the lunch hour.

Preordering (usually 10 days out) and prompt payment is required. Among other services, the online service also allows a link to make online payments by credit card. You can continue to drop off a cheque at any receptionist payable to Vanilla Cream Café. Please do not send cash. There are no refunds or credits for student absences. It is a tradition that these lunches are donated to Stratford Hall staff.

Food Allergies

This lunch program is not recommended for anyone with a severe food allergy.

Vanilla Cream Café is a nut aware and peanut aware facility. Peanuts and tree nuts are not ingredients in any Vanilla Cream menu items.  Peanut butter is replaced by soy butter or pea butter. Tree nut recipes are replaced by seeds or beans.

While Vanilla Cream Café takes reasonable measures to be nut free, it does not hold itself out to be a peanut free or tree nut free facility. Products with ingredient labels stating “may contain nuts or peanuts” or “manufactured in a facility that uses peanuts or nuts” are routinely used.  The documented tenacity of peanut and nut oils, once introduced into a facility, however accidental, cannot be routinely detected, and can remain on surfaces after repeated cleaning and sanitizing. Nutmeg, sesame seeds and coconut milk are not excluded ingredients. In order to round out our service, some items are contracted out to local restaurants.