The Middle Years Programme was added to the International Baccalaureate (IB) in 1994 and includes grades 6 through 10 at Stratford Hall.

Stratford Hall was authorized to offer the MYP in 2009. There are 1,102 MYP schools worldwide, though only 239 schools offer all three IB programmes.

The MYP encourages students to embrace and understand the traditional subjects and the real world, and become critical and reflective thinkers. MYP students making the transition through adolescence are at a crucial period of personal, social, physical and intellectual development, of uncertainty and of questioning. Learning how to learn and how to evaluate information critically is as important as learning facts.

The program

  • encourages international mindedness in IB students, starting with a foundation in their own language and culture
  • encourages a positive attitude to learning by challenging students to solve problems, show creativity and resourcefulness and participate actively in their communities
  • reflects real life by providing a framework that allows students to see the connections among the subjects themselves, and between subjects and real issues
  • supports the development of communication skills to encourage inquiry, understanding, language acquisition, and student reflection and expression
  • emphasizes, through the learner profile, the development of the whole student – physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.

Please click here to access the Stratford Hall MYP Handbook.