Our School

Welcome to the Digital Home of Stratford Hall.

Stratford Hall has been welcoming families since 1999 and so whether you are a returning, new or prospective family, it is my honour to extend a warm welcome to our website. The pages of our site keep current families aware of all that goes on at our very busy school, while also articulating to potential parents what Stratford Hall stands for and aims to be as they make a choice about the next step in their child’s academic journey. We recognize that there are many options for education in Vancouver and we are both proud and grateful that you chose to be, or are considering becoming, a member of the Stratford Hall Sabres family.

Academically, Stratford Hall offers three International Baccalaureate programs (PYP, MYP and DP) which provide a level of individual challenge and academic rigour that is beyond what many of us would have experienced at school. However, just as our inquiry-based approach to learning requires students to be active participants in their own education, we expect parents to be actively engaged in school life by supporting their own child’s learning and the school as a whole. Together with our printed publications, digital newsletters and face-to-face workshops and conversations, this website is a key resource in keeping our community informed and up to date.

Beyond academics, our commitment to helping students embody the IB Learner Profile as a set of characteristics that define what it means for them to be an internationally minded person are a cornerstone for character development. We believe that schools exist not only to facilitate academic success, but to create well-rounded human beings that act with confidence, respect and integrity as they pursue their chosen goals.
Of course curriculum and ethos unto themselves are not enough as it takes great people to bring programs and guiding statements to life. One of our aims is to be a community in education that is supportive, knowledgeable and committed to its Mission and Vision and for nearly two decades that is exactly what we have done by hiring, training and retaining wonderful senior leaders, faculty and staff. Schools all have a different “feel” to them and we hope that when you visit our school, read our prospectus or go through the pages of this site that you feel the warmth and openness that Stratford Hall has come to be defined by, and loved for, principally because of the people we hire and the spirit with which we operate. We strive to ensure that our school culture feels different than any other school in the Vancouver area – and we think that it does.
Thank you once again for visiting our digital home, I look forward to saying hello to you in person.
Jason McBride
Head of School