DP Course Selection

Stratford Hall’s DP Courses: Choosing the Right Combination

In keeping with Stratford Hall’s commitment to excellence and student success, course offerings are made with the following considerations:
• maximum benefit for the largest number of students;
• university entrance requirements;
• the expertise of our staff; and
• optimal class sizes.

The IB sets out the Diploma Programme so that students must take a range of courses. Course selections are tailored to meet students’ plans for post-secondary studies. All students will take CAS and ToK, and will complete an Extended Essay. Most courses span the full two years of the Diploma Programme, though it is possible to complete one SL course ahead of schedule with special permission.

As an example, the courses available at Stratford Hall for the 2016-2017 year as shown below. Students select three Higher Level (HL) courses and three Standard Level (SL) courses, selecting one course from each group. Choosing four HLs and two SLs is sometimes possible, but only with permission. Please review the math and science requirements.

There are two routes of study at Stratford Hall: Full IB Diploma and Courses route. All students are well-prepared through the MYP to pursue the full diploma route, and are encouraged to do so. When making course requests consider your own strengths, post- secondary goals, personal goals, work-life balance and learning needs should be considered. Both routes are academically rigorous and recognized by post-secondary institutions. Both routes are outlined below:

1. IB Diploma route
• students complete all BC Ministry and IB requirements;
• candidates are eligible for an IB diploma and a BC Dogwood Diploma.

If you feel the IB diploma route is your best choice:
• select one course from each of the six groups (unless no Group 6, then double up in Group 2, 3 or 4);
• select three HL and three SL courses (4 HL and 2 SLs is possible in some cases, with permission); and
• complete CAS, ToK and EE.

2. Courses route
• students complete BC Ministry requirements and a modified IB programme;
• candidates are eligible for IB certificates and a BC Dogwood Diploma.

If you feel the Courses route is your best choice:
• select five or six courses (a Group 2 second language is not required, but encouraged);
• choose all SL courses (1-2 HL courses can be chosen); and
• complete a modified CAS, ToK and EE.

Pamoja Education offers online courses, supervised by qualified DP teachers. Only highly-motivated, independent learners should take an online course. Students may take one online course if it is not offered as a class at Stratford Hall. For more information, please review this website: www.pamojaeducation.com