DP Extra-curriculars

At Stratford Hall, students arrive for homeroom at 8:20AM, and attend four classes each day. Classes are 75 minutes, allowing time for appropriate breadth and depth of study. The Diploma Programme requires that there be 240 hours for each HL class; 150 of hours for each SL class; 100 hours of ToK; and that all DP Core Requirements are met by students. At Stratford Hall, we provide a balanced, rigorous schedule that meets these requirements, but addtionally provides time for:

  • the Diploma Programme retreat;
  • seminars on research skills, time management; and academic honesty;
  • mock examinations;
  • CAS projects;
  • music and circus performances;
  • athletics;
  • public speaking;
  • theatre;
  • student-centered Extended Essay research;
  • international trips;
  • leadership programs;
  • regular meetings with advisors