FAQs in the DP

Is the Diploma Programme only for international students? No. Although the DP was designed originally for international students and is widely offered in international schools, it is open to all. The Diploma Programme provides an international perspective in its curriculum and is internationally recognized by universities for admissions.

Am I smart enough to do the Diploma Programme? Our experience, and that of other IB schools around the world, is that attitude, effort, and organization are the keys to success in the DP. Although the DP is academically challenging, you do not have to be brilliant to do well; you have to work hard, be organized, and stay positive.

I having diagnosed learning differences – can I do the Diploma Programme? Yes. If you have professionally diagnosed learning differences, IB may grant requests for extra time on final exams, use of a laptop, a scribe, and many other allowances. Talk to your Diploma Programme Coordinator to review your options.

Can I take Diploma exams again to improve my scores? Although it is not normally done, you can – with permission– retake any of your DP exams after graduation. This is, however, not an ideal situation; permission to retake exams is given at the DP Coordinator’s discretion. There may be an additional cost involved, depending on the circumstances.

Do universities automatically accept DP students? Canadian universities accept Diploma courses almost universally; however, they do vary regarding which subjects they give credit for. UBC typically grants credit for HL courses with a score of 5 or more. It is best to check with the university you have in mind.

How many points do I need for university entrance? This varies from place to place and program to program. In general, you will be considered for university admission if you earn the IB Diploma; 30 points will likely give you a choice of Canadian universities; 35 points will probably bring generous entrance scholarships to Canadian universities, and 40 or more points will make you competitive for the best universities worldwide.