Group 6: Arts and Electives

Visual Arts SL/HL


Creative thinking is one of the skills most valued today and this DP course allows students to practice personally-driven and authentic creation and problem solving. Visual Art SL/ HL enables students to express their ideas in new ways, and in the process of designing and making art, they develop a high level of cognitive activity that is both intellectual and affective. Engagement in the arts promotes a sense of identity and makes a unique contribution to the lifelong learning of each student. Study of the Visual Arts also provides the opportunity to develop an insightful view of oneself and one’s culture in relation to the world.

The Diploma Programme Visual Arts course enables students to engage in practical exploration which leads to artistic production. Theory is constantly integrated with practice. Students focus on materials, art forms, skills, and concepts of interest to each individual student. Visual, conceptual, and critical investigations are presented in a Comparative Study and in the Process Portfolio, supporting the studio pieces.

This course enables students to study arts in higher education and also welcomes those students who seek inspiration and enrichment through Visual Arts.

Grade 11

Grade 12

Students will:

• move from a guided projects to personally-driven projects

• explore a range of introduced and personally-selected artists and movements

• develop a variety of skills and techniques

• visit galleries and participate in workshops

• participate in a Feedback Fair Exhibition

Students will:

• continue to build expression through skills and techniques

• create ambitious personal artworks

• finalize the Process Portfolio

• complete the Comparative Study

• present a final exhibition in April

Objectives and Practices
At Stratford Hall, the Grade 11 year aims are to investigate past, present, and emerging forms of Visual Art and to engage in producing, appreciating, and evaluating these.

• We develop an understanding of Visual Arts from local, national, and international perspectives;
• We explore existing art concepts and design elements while developing our own techniques and ideas in a variety of media;
• We build confidence in responding visually and creatively to personal and cultural experiences;
• We create works that grow from active and individual involvement and develop sensitivity to what is involved in that process; and
• We work collaboratively as an art community to allow students to direct their own learning through the acquisition of effective working practices.

Students will be formatively and summatively assessed using Stratford Hall’s Approaches to Learning rubric and the IBO assessment criteria. The difference between SL and HL is quantity as shown below.

60% Assessment

40% Internal Assessment
(Externally Moderated)

Task 1: Comparative Study (20%)

Students analyze and compare artworks by three artists. This independent critical investigation explores and evaluates differing cultural contexts.
HL: 15+5 screens
SL: 15 screens

Task 2: Process Portfolio (40%)
Students submit screens which evidence their growth, experimentation, exploration, manipulation and refinement of a variety of Visual Arts activities during the two-year course.
HL: 25 screens
SL: 18 screens

Task 3: Exhibition (40%)

Students prepare a selection of resolved artworks for their exhibition. The chosen pieces will show students’ development of a cohesive body of work based around their artist intention while showcasing their technical accomplishment.
HL select 11 of 15+ pieces over 2 years
SL select 7 from 10+ pieces over 2 years