In Psychology SL, students explore human behaviour by observing it from three different lenses: biological, cognitive, and sociocultural. The course’s level of analysis reflects a modern trend in psychology toward integration and demonstrates how explanations offered by each of the three levels of analysis complement one another and together provide a more complete and satisfactory explanation of behavior.

At Stratford Hall, no prior study of psychology is expected, as students apply and develop critical thinking and investigative skills gained in the MYP to the analysis of human behaviour. In Grade 11, students will be coached on how to apply the three levels of analysis to the interpretation of behaviour as it has been observed in published studies. In the Grade 12 year, students will more independently apply the skills to the analysis of the etiologies of a chosen psychological disorder. The program culminates in an investigation whereby students replicate a simple published experimental study, collect quantitative data, and write a report using Internal Assessment guidelines.

Grade 11: Levels on Analysis

Grade 12: Application of Levels of Analysis

Introduction: Approaches to the study of psychology

Biological level of analysis

Cognitive level of analysis

Research Methodologies

IA- Simple Experimental Study: First Draft

Sociocultural level of analysis

IA- Simple Experimental Study Final Draft


Objectives and Practices
Psychology SL aims to develop an awareness of how psychological research can be applied for the benefit of humanity as well as to develop an understanding of the diverse methods of psychological inquiry; whether it is through the analysis and critique of existing studies and theories, or by the collection and interpretation of one’s own quantitative data.

Students will be formatively and summatively assessed, using Stratford Hall’s Approaches to Learning rubric, the course rubrics, and – on report cards – using the DP Group 3 grade descriptors on a scale of 1-7. Students’ final mark out of 7 will be broken down as follows:

External Assessment

Internal Assessment
(Externally Moderated)

Paper 1: 2 hours 50%

Paper 2: 1 hour 60%

Report on simple experimental study 25%