May 19, 2020

Greetings, and I hope all of you had a wonderful Victoria Day weekend. 

It appears there is some light ahead as things ease up in BC. We are now on a path towards a gradual restart of our economy and, in a phased way, the reopening of schools. 

Following the announcement by Premier Horgan and Minister of Education Fleming on Friday, May 15, we have been processing data and advice from public health authorities, the Ministry of Education and school support associations (ISABC, FISA and CAIS). With the following priorities in mind - continuity of programme, provision of childcare, and support for student social and emotional wellbeing - we have made plans for the remainder of the current school year. These plans encompass all grades and are highlighted by the following:
  • The Sabres e-Learning Programme will continue for all students in Kindergarten to Grade 11 until the last day of school on Friday, June 19. Surveys indicate that, for the vast majority of families, students have settled into a successful routine with online learning. Therefore, in order to maintain the continuity, momentum and stability that has been generated thus far, Sabres e-Learning will continue for the remainder of the school year.
  • On Monday, June 1, we will be extending the BC-mandated provision of childcare from the current situation - the children of Essential Workers only - to any student from Kindergarten to Grade 7Participation is voluntary; parents/guardians may opt to keep their child(ren) at home to continue with online learning. The expansion of childcare at school is intended to support those parents who intend to, or must, return to work. Those children who attend childcare at school in June will continue to follow their online programme and will be supported by Stratford Hall staff.
  • Grades 6 to 11 students will have the opportunity to reconnect with each other and staff one morning or afternoon per week. These sessions are voluntary and will take place during previously scheduled "off screen" days (June 3 and 11).
Details to accompany these plans will be circulated next week. In order to facilitate our planning, please respond to this survey by Thursday, May 21 as to whether or not your child will be present at school in June. We require this information to determine class sizes, class locations, and staff assignments. 

As BC moves into the next phase of its pandemic plan, I take this opportunity to once again thank you for all the support you have given to the school.