Bridge Strategic Plan


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  • Message from the Board Chair and the Head of School

Stratford Hall is a vibrant school that has long been known for its diverse and caring community. We take pride in creating an environment where every student is known and cared for, can discover their unique strengths, explore diverse opportunities, and are equipped with the intellectual tools, strength of character, and the global perspective to thrive. As an International Baccalaureate School, we aim to educate our students to the highest global standards while developing critical and reflective thinkers who can navigate the complexities of the 21st century.

As we turn our attention to the future, the development of this Bridge Strategic Plan has emerged from a collaborative effort by the Board of Governors, Senior Leadership Team, faculty, staff, along with contributions from our outstanding students, and parents. It represents a roadmap to focus our efforts in the short-term and is designed to strengthen our foundation as we strive to make our school stronger, more resilient, and better prepared for the future. 

We are deeply grateful to all who have contributed to this process and look forward to continuing to work with the members of our community to achieve the initiatives laid out in this plan and to begin our work to develop our longer-term strategic plan for Stratford Hall.

Ron Cheung
Board Chair
Richard Kassissieh
Head of School

What is a Bridge Strategic Plan?

A Bridge Strategic Plan serves to ‘bridge the gap’ between strategic planning cycles. It will guide us from our previous strategic plan to the development of a new strategic plan that will be jointly led by our Head of School, Richard Kassissieh, the Senior Leadership Team, and the Board of Governors. 

While a strategic plan typically covers a three to five-year horizon, this Bridge Plan will cover an 18-month horizon. It will focus on what we can accomplish within this timeframe, while ensuring the strategic initiatives within the Plan are aligned with our longer-term aspirations and the unique ethos of our school and community. 

The Bridge Strategic Plan outlined here is intended to keep us on course as we work collaboratively with our community to set the groundwork for the longer-term goals that will form the basis of our next strategic plan.
While the Bridge Strategic Plan outlines our goals and strategic initiatives for the next 18 months, our overarching goal continues to be developing good people who can make a difference in the world. From inside the classroom to international trips, and from online to on stage, students will continue to develop these traits through the IB Learner Profile.

Our Commitments

Stratford Hall commits to:
  • reaffirm our foundational focus of educating the ‘whole child’ to the highest global standards.
  • continue to engage our inclusive community.
  • focus on maintaining the stability of leadership.
  • emphasize continuous improvement in all that we do.
  • foster meaningful relationships with our neighbours.
  • to broadly engage with topics of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and environmental sustainability.

Goals and Strategic Initiatives

Tied to our Vision, Mission, and Values, this Bridge Plan sets three specific goals that articulate the broad results that, when achieved, will move our school closer to our desired future. Under each goal, we have laid out key initiatives that we will undertake over the next 18 months to achieve our goals.

Goal 1: Education

Reaffirm our Identity

Stratford Hall is recognized for delivering a challenging and innovative approach to learning. Over the course of the next 18 months, collaboratively with our community, we will revisit our mission, vision, and values to ensure they capture and communicate the essence of Stratford Hall. In service of educating the ‘whole child’ and our commitment to engage students in experiential learning, we will explore opportunities to enrich our co-curricular programming so each student can discover and pursue their own passions and interests.

Stratford Hall commits to:
  1. Identify and communicate the qualities that make Stratford Hall unique through the renewal of our mission, vision, and values statements.
  2. Explore opportunities to enrich the breadth and depth of the programs available to students, in alignment with our mission and vision.
  3. Embed a focus on Indigenous reconciliation into our programs & practices.

Goal 2: Community

Reignite our Culture

We know that each students’ health and wellbeing are fundamental to their ability to learn and thrive. We will ensure students have the individual care and support that will set the foundation for a fulfilled and purposeful life. 

Central to our success is our talented and passionate faculty and staff.  Stratford Hall delivers a rigorous academic program in a student-centred learning environment, and the attraction, development, and retention of outstanding employees, drawn from diverse backgrounds and experiences, will continue to be our priority.

School spirit refers to the sense of pride, identity, and community we all share. It is an essential part of who we are and how we represent our school. Together we will further strengthen our community and reignite our culture.

Stratford Hall commits to:
  1. Enhance school structures that support each student’s mental health and well-being.
  2. Retain outstanding faculty and staff, and support their ongoing wellness and success.
  3. Better engage with families through timely and transparent communication.
  4. Develop a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture through education and dialogue.

Goal 3: Growth

Reinforce our Organization

Stratford Hall is a young school with a strong foundation for the future. We know that our East Vancouver location is a unique strength, and we are well positioned for the future with the acquisition of the middle building. In the short-term, we will focus on determining the best use of this building to support the needs of the school and our students. 

We continue to be committed to ensuring the financial strength and sustainability of our school and enhancing the culture of philanthropy to support and develop opportunities that will strengthen the Stratford Hall experience.

To ensure a strong and stable future for our school, we will focus on responsible governance and strong leadership practices. 

Stratford Hall commits to:
  1. Develop and implement a coordinated plan for the Middle Building with short-term and long-term objectives.
  2. Enhance our culture of philanthropy and develop our fundraising capacity.
  3. Develop a long-term Strategic Financial and Plan for the School.