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  • Post-Secondary Entry & Counselling

    At Stratford Hall, our post-secondary advisors work closely with students to help guide them on their journey of self-actualization. As they explore who they are, we encourage students to carefully reflect upon their interests and strengths and how these might inform their choice of pathways after graduation. Through celebrating student achievements, and encouraging students to explore their passions while assisting them in acknowledging their limitations, we hope that they emerge with a clear sense of self. Once realized, students are helped to find the post-secondary opportunities that fit their unique set of interests, strengths and goals.

    Recognizing that each student is unique, we begin working with them in Grade 8 and 9 to assist them on their path to self-discovery. In Grade 10, we personalize the process further, as we meet and build rapport with students individually to discuss strategies, options and resources to assist with selecting programs and/or post-secondary opportunities that are in line with their individual goals and abilities. Ultimately, our goal is to impress upon students the importance of taking personal ownership over the post-secondary selection process, which includes honest reflection, open-mindedness, and taking the initiative to research, pose questions and apply to programs of interest.

Post-Secondary Advisors

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  • Angela Collins 

  • David Chiu