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The City of Vancouver requires that we have a Traffic Management Plan that aligns with input received from the Neighbourhood Parking and Transportation Branch of the Engineering Department.

In addition, we have engaged consulting services from Bunt and Associates Engineering, traffic management specialists. Schools create special traffic issues in neighbourhoods. An independent school such as Stratford Hall impacts its surroundings more than community-based schools. As a result, we must be sensitive to the local neighbourhood and minimize our impact. Our morning drop-off results in about 350 car trips to the school in a half-hour span. The afternoon pick-up is spread out over two hours, but involves far more parked and idling cars.

Commercial Drive is a busy major street in Vancouver. Extra care must be taken when on or near Commercial Drive. There several specific areas we must attend to:
  • The safety of our students, parents and staff
  • The safety of others
  • The efficient flow of traffic around the school
  • Proper use of areas for drop-off and pick-up
  • Zero impact on our nearby neighbours
  • We encourage parents to arrange car pools, use our bus service or allow/encourage children to take transit or ride a bike.

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  • Traffic Patterns

    Please refer to the Traffic Plan diagram to see the expected flows of traffic. Note that there are 3 one-way areas around the school:
    • The laneway behind the DP and PYP Buildings, southbound;
    • The laneway behind the MYP Building, southbound;
    • 15th Avenue, westbound.
    Please note the following:
    • You may not use 14th or 15th Avenues east of Skytrain to access the school. We must keep the traffic off of these residential streets.
    • If you are on 15th, you must turn north onto Commercial Drive. Otherwise, traffic behind you becomes blocked. Do not use the Stratford Hall parking spaces under the Skytrain for drop off or pick up at any time.
    • You must follow traffic laws. That means:
      • No U-turns, anywhere
      • No double parking; that is, do not drop off or pick up unless you are properly parked beside a curb.
      • No drop off or pick up in or near intersections. This is particularly important at the corner of 14th. Cars that stop just after entering 14th are apt to cause accidents and injury.
  • Drop-Off in the Morning

    If you are heading northbound on Commercial:
    • You may turn east on 16th. If you are dropping off on the MYP side, please have your children leave from the back seat drivers’ side.
      You may drop-off in front of the PYP Building. In order to create a smoother drop-off on Commercial, the parking assigned to the middle building has been shifted to the front of the DP Building. Note that we will have morning greeters there to help you make a quick drop-off.
      You may turn right onto 14th Avenue and drop off beside the DP Building. You may then head either north or south down the back lane.
      You may continue north on Commercial and drop off in the block that is north of the school.
      You may not drop-off in front of the MYP Building: it is signed as ‘no stopping from 7:00 am to 9:00 am.
      We prefer that drop-offs do not occur in the back lane because it has moving traffic.
      Parking is available at the Croatian Cultural Centre from 8:00 am - 8:45 am. Please only park within the blue parking spaces.
  • Pick-Up in the Afternoon

    Please follow the patterns for drop-off.
    • All spaces around all of the school buildings are designated three-minute parking.
    • Parking is available at the Croatian Cultural Centre from 3:00 pm- 3:45 pm. Please only park within the blue parking spaces.

Parking Spaces

Stratford Hall owns the parking under the Skytrain between 13th and 16th Avenues. This is for staff or school bus parking only. The parking that is immediately behind the DP Building is reserved for:
  • School visitors. This can include a school parent if that visit occurs during school time and is for a meeting at the school. It may not be used for an extended stay (like assisting on a field trip)
  • Handicapped parking
  • Loading bay

Special Events

Any time after 6:00 pm, all of the spaces around the school may be used for parking. Additionally, unused staff parking spaces are available. We encourage people to consider parking at Trout Lake, a block east of the school.
Although it is fine for Senior School students to drive to school, we do not have any parking spaces available for students. 

Getting Here

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  • Transit

    The school is well-served by public transit. The Skytrain is a five-minute walk away, and the #20 bus stops very nearby. We encourage older students to use transit.
  • Bicycles

    There are bicycle parking spaces by each of the buildings. Students must bring their own bike locks, as the bicycle racks are not directly monitored by Stratford Hall.
  • School Bus

    Stratford Hall currently offers three bus routes for students. Click here for more information.