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Co-Curriculars exist to promote student well-being at Stratford Hall. In the Senior School, one way this is accomplished is through extensive program offerings to meet the needs of each individual learner. Involvement in co-curriculars fosters a sense of belonging amongst students. They afford students an additional space to learn and lead together while they do initiatives connecting with their local and global communities; both within and outside our school. Co-curriculars are student-led and teacher-supported and serve to enrich the school experience for every student at Stratford Hall. We believe that student well-being is supported when they are actively involved in their community in a meaningful way.

In the Senior School we have a wide array of Leadership Positions, Councils, and Clubs (student-led and instructor-led) that make up our dynamic and comprehensive co-curricular program.
In Junior School, after school clubs provide students with a wide range of activities from which to choose. These activities enrich the school experience and help to connect students with Stratford Hall. They provide students with opportunities to develop social relationships, build community and develop their IB Learner Profile attributes.

We offer both internal (teacher-led) and external clubs. External clubs are offered by outside organizations/instructors with separate fees.

Junior School Clubs

Animation | Art | Ballet (Provided by: Goh Ballet) | Chess | Coding | Creative Writing | Dance | Drama & Musical Theatre | Mandarin | Printing | Sewing | Sketching | Spanish | STEM | Yoga

Please note that after school clubs offered may vary annually. 

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