Ways to Give

Ways to Give

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  • Online Giving

    Click here to make an online donation to the Annual Fund.
  • Cash or Cheque

    You may drop-off or send your donation directly to the School, care of:

    Advancement Office
    3000 Commercial Drive
    Vancouver, BC V5N 4E2

    Cheques should be made payable to Stratford Hall.
  • Gift of Securities

    Securities transferred to Stratford Hall are sold upon receipt and credited to the Stratford Hall Annual Fund. The charitable deduction is determined by the fair market value on the date of the transfer. An acknowledgement will be sent to you describing your gift, receipt date, and value for your tax records.
  • Gift of Educational Investment Deposit (EID)

    All Stratford Hall families are required to place an Educational Investment Deposit (EID) with the school. This non-interest bearing deposit is reimbursed to the family following the end of the school year in which their last child leaves the school. The EID is currently set at $20,000 per family. Stratford Hall families are encouraged to donate all, or a portion of, their deposit to the school in advance of their last child’s departure. Families who donate their entire EID will be granted membership into the Stratford Hall Leaders Circle. EID donations are obligated to be used directly towards the reduction of the school's debt. A reducing debt load helps the school to open up financing opportunities for capital projects and expansion. All EIDs that are converted into a donation to the school qualify for an official charitable tax receipt. This enables families to realize the tax benefits of that conversion well in advance of their last child’s departure from the school. Upon signing a formal Transfer Agreement acknowledging a full or partial transfer of your EID, the school will automatically convert those funds into a Leaders’ Circle donation.

    For further information on donating your EID, please contact Isabel Sankaran-Wee in the Advancement Office.
  • Matching Gift

    There are many companies that match their employees’ gifts. A list of companies with potential matching gift programs can be found here. If your company is not listed, please contact your human resources department for clarification.
All monetary gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by Canadian law. Canadian tax receipts are issued for eligible gifts of more than $25. Gifts received between January 1 and December 31, 2024 are receipted for 2024.