Careers at Stratford Hall

Characteristics of Professional Excellence

Characteristics of Professional Excellence

Our faculty and staff demonstrate Characteristics of Professional Excellence that embody our mission, uphold our core values, guide our efforts, and ensure that we serve our students with the highest level of standards.

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  • 37

    Faculty & Staff
    with Post-Baccalaureate degrees
  • 21

    Faculty & Staff
    with tenure of 5 or more years
  • 11

    Faculty & Staff
    with tenure of 10 or more years
  • 6

    Lifer Faculty & Staff
    with tenure of 13 or more years

I am a Stratford Hall Educator

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  • I Pursue Knowledge

    I enthusiastically pursue a path of continuous learning for myself and my students, embracing innovative ideas and new experiences with curiosity and joy. 
  • I Listen to Understand

    I actively practise empathetic listening, seeking to truly understand the thoughts and feelings of my colleagues, students, and their families. 
  • I Build Bridges

    I passionately unite our community members, inviting diverse perspectives to create an accepting environment where mutual respect and growth flourish.
  • I Model Adaptability

    I humbly remain open to change, valuing the profound richness that others’ unique experiences bring to our collective journey of discovery.