What Sets Us Apart

Without exception, the students and parents of Stratford Hall recognize the school’s incredible sense of community as its point of differentiation. Stratford Hall is not just a school, it is an extended family that rallies together to help students realize – and then maximize – their own innate potential. Our students belong to a diverse, dynamic family of learners; supported by an engaged, enthusiastic group of parents and educators. 

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Become Part of the Stratford Hall Family

Stratford Hall has been welcoming families since 1999. Academically, Stratford Hall offers three International Baccalaureate programs (PYP, MYP and DP) which provide a level of individual challenge and academic rigour that is beyond what many of us would have experienced at school. In addition to academics, we are committed to helping students embody the IB Learner Profile as a set of characteristics that define what it means for them to be a principled, compassionate, internationally-minded person. We believe that schools exist not only to facilitate academic success, but to create well-rounded human beings that act with confidence, respect and integrity as they pursue their chosen goals.