March 26, 2020

Re: Preparations for Continuity of Learning
I am writing to update you on plans to implement at-home, online learning next week. Teachers had been planning for the anticipated launch of at-home, online learning since prior to Spring Break and have been fine-tuning their plans since the closure of schools was announced Tuesday, March 17.
Our goal is to provide our students continuity in learning, preparing them for the next academic level or grade. Our Junior and Senior School Principals, Mr. Palmer and Ms. Douglas, will be communicating with students and families with additional information regarding how this will proceed next week.
In addition, we are constantly receiving messages and updates from the Ministry of Education and will update you of any changes or new information that we receive.
Devices and Technology
All Senior School students have their own dedicated device that they can use for home learning. We recognize that Junior School students may not have a dedicated device for home use, which may present challenges for families. Laptops, tablets and chromebooks are satisfactory for home learning needs. Headphones and earphones with mics are also useful additions and enhance the experience of home learning. We have a limited number of devices at school should you wish to borrow a device. If so please contact us at
Remote Technology Support
We appreciate that home learning may initially present challenges with technology. For this reason we will provide remote virtual support to support staff, students and families. To request remote support, or for questions, please email Please remember to try restarting your device before requesting support. Restarting your device regularly at least once a day is recommended and resolves many issues including sound and microphone facilities on a device.
Zoom Video Tele-conferencing and Virtual Meetings
To facilitate online learning and connections with our students, their families and colleagues, we have selected Zoom as the primary tool to facilitate virtual meetings between students, parents/guardians and staff members. You do not need to sign up for a Zoom account to participate in these meetings, which will be scheduled by staff. Students and/or parents/guardians will be provided with a link to join virtual meetings as necessary.
Home Broadband Internet *
Standard home broadband internet should be adequate for home learning. Many conventional home modems/routers are probably only providing less than 100Mbps over wifi despite the download speed advertised by your internet provider. A download speed of 50Mbps or more should be adequate. If you are concerned about the speed and performance of your home broadband internet you can test it very easily with the following link in your computer browser Alternatively, review your internet provider plan or contact your internet provider.
Tips for optimizing home broadband performance:
  • Restart your modem/router daily.
  • Ensure you do not have too many devices connected to your home internet, including smart devices and cell phones.
  • Most importantly be aware of other members of your household who may be simultaneously gaming, streaming videos/music or large downloading of files.
  • Consider connecting your laptop via an ethernet cable directly to your home modem/router. Ethernet adapters may be required.
* Information gathered in part from the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).
We have a dedicated page on our website for COVID-19 related updates as well as school information and communications.
We are in an evolving and unprecedented time, and I ask for your patience and support as we navigate this situation. Our highest priority is the safety of our community. We will continue to diligently provide solutions that support academic continuity for our students. Please stay connected to your homeroom teachers and advisors and seek support and advice when you need it. Let us know how you are doing and what you need so that we can continue to respond and adapt. Let us all work together to support each other.