August 26, 2020

Re: Back to School Update
We released our Restart Plan (subject to the approval of the BC Ministry of Education) on August 25, following the procedures and requirements of the Ministries of Health and Education for Independent Schools. These plans were for a comprehensive Stage 2 return to classes. 

Our updated Health and Safety Plan will be published on Tuesday, September 1 in The Post. Please refer to our COVID-19 resources on the Stratford Hall website under Our Commitment for further information. These will be updated as needed. 

The measures we are taking are designed to keep students, faculty and staff safe. Please note that only students, faculty and staff will be permitted to enter the school. Visitors will only be permitted to support learning on an exceptional basis. 

As the beginning of the school year approaches, I invite you to join me in a webinar conversation on the evening of Wednesday, September 2 at 6.30pm. As you have had an opportunity to read the Restart Plan and the Health and Safety Plan (to be published on Tuesday, September 1), this webinar will provide you with an opportunity to hear directly from us. The webinar will be facilitated by Adele Armstrong, Development and Community Relations Officer. 
Questions: Click here to submit questions in advance by 12:00pm Wednesday, September 2.
Zoom: Click here to join the webinar. Passcode: TOGETHER
We ask you to please fill out the survey indicating whether your child(ren) will be attending school in September. It is essential that we hear from all parents/guardians.

The survey must be completed by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

We appreciate your patience as we work to ensure the safety and well-being of your child and every student. We sincerely look forward to welcoming back our staff and student community to our school this September.