September 2, 2021

As our teachers and staff are preparing learning spaces for our students, we are also updating our school plans pertaining to COVID-19 as a result of the updated Provincial COVID-19 Communicable Disease Guidelines for K-12 Settings. Consistent with the new guidelines and in alignment with BC Communicable Disease Plan, the school has exchanged the former COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan with the school’s own Communicable Disease Plan. This new plan communicates the actions the school is taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the school setting, the highlights of which are below. 
Of particular importance, please refer to the Communicable Disease Plan and ensure your child understands the school’s expectations regarding:
  • Space arrangements, p. 4
  • Daily Health Check, p. 8
  • Respiratory Etiquette, p. 11
  • Hand hygiene, p. 11
  • Mask wearing, p. 12
Teachers will take time on the first day of school to ensure students understand the school’s expectations in these areas. In addition, specialist teachers will ensure students understand the expectations in their classes.
Adjustments will be made to the plan as required and communicated to students, parents, staff and visitors to the school.


Same as last year:
  • Masking is mandatory for staff and students Grade 4-12. Upon their return to school staff and students in Grade 4-12 will be provided 2 new reusable masks. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 will also be encouraged to wear masks if they are able.
  • All school buildings will continue to be cleaned and disinfected by our contractor Integral Building Maintenance (IBM) in accordance with the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC)’s Cleaning and Disinfecting for Public Settings guidelines established by the Ministry of Education and WorkSafeBC. Each building will have 1 cleaner during the day and a team of cleaners in the evening consisting of a minimum of 2 cleaners. This includes high touch areas, high traffic areas and shared devices and other equipment.
  • Stratford Hall’s HVAC system is being maintained and operated as per standards and specifications. Stratford Hall has directed its outside maintenance contractor to ensure the HVAC system is maximizing outdoor air exchange. The Facilities Team will work with this contractor to carry out scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure HVAC air filters are cleaned, and the system is working as designed.
  • Stratford Hall has adjusted its heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) preventative maintenance (PM) schedule and increased the frequency at which the HVAC system air filters are changed. All HVAC equipment will be inspected four times a year by a qualified technician.
  • Outdoor activities will be expanded upon to the extent possible and windows will be opened to allow improved air flow within classrooms and offices, where appropriate, which will not impact on the functioning of the ventilation system.  As much as possible, students will participate in outdoor activities.
  • Staff and students will be able to sanitize their devices at stations in each building.
  • Stratford Hall will provide continuity of learning and support to students required to self-isolate. 
  • All extracurricular and social gatherings (including sports and arts within and between schools) will only occur as permitted as per relevant local, regional, Provincial and Federal public health recommendations and orders.
  • Cohorts are no longer required. Students will be spread out within learning and common spaces, allowing for space between students and adults while also ensuring configurations that best meet learner needs and preferred educational approaches. Desk/tables will be arranged to avoid involuntary contact and use all available space.
  • Stratford Hall administrators and staff will not provide notifications to staff or students’ families about potential or confirmed communicable diseases cases (including COVID-19) unless the school administrator is directed to do so by the Vancouver Coastal Health medical health officer.
  • Parents of students who are new this year and last year will be provided an opportunity to visit the school to see how the school has prepared for the return of students.
  • Stratford Hall will implement the following risk mitigation strategies for times of extreme heat or poor air quality from wildfire smoke: ensuring all school air conditioners are operating and maintained in working order, and can reduce outdoor air exchange when necessary; ensuring all water fountains are in working order; preserving an expanding tree canopies and other shade structures on school property.
  • The school will no longer be offering online learning as a mode of instruction this fall. 
Thank you for your cooperation and vigilance during this trying time. By working together, I know we can continue to keep our community safe and engaged.